Do you live your life on the edge?

Why not jump off it! Bungy Jumping Myths/Questions:

1: Will my eyes pop out of my head or will I suffer a detached retina? Will I do any damage to my spine or hurt my back?
A: No, this has never happened with us. We have developed different size Bungy cords in relation to peoples weights, this results in a smooth deceleration. Giving an exciting and smooth jump to all jumpers.

2: Will I get wet?
A: Here at Bungy Australia no jumper will touch the water, we do this as we feel it’s safer. It has been heard that many people can suffer from black eyes due to the impact of the water.

Feet 3: How do you attach the Bungy Cord?
A: The Bungy cord is attached the traditional way, which is around your ankles. Bungy Australia has developed our own ankle harness which cannot come undone or become loose while you’re jumping.

4: Can I have a drink before Bungy Jumping?
A: Yes, that’s fine. Most people do have a drink before jumping but of course you must still be in control of yourself. You will not be permitted to jump if you’re not in this state, we wouldn’t want you to not remember how amazing it feels to jump.

5: Can family and friends watch my jump?
A: Of course they can! There is lots of places for them to stand and watch from the ground. We do not however, allow anyone to join you in the Bungy cage. There is only room in there for you and the Jump Master.

6: Can I jump if I’m in a wheelchair or are physically disadvantaged?
A: Sometimes it is possible for us to jump people that have physical disadvantages. The best thing to do is call us and have a chat about it. Usually it will come down to the Jump Master to make the final decision on whether it’s okay to jump.

7: What is a Bungy Cord made of?
A: Bungy Cords are very complex when it comes down to design, but are simply made from hundreds of strands of latex rubber (the same stuff that’s in your underwear that’s hold them up). Each Bungy cord is manufactured by our Jump Masters and checked daily. Each one of our cords are retired after 400 jumps but they can do up to 1000! Each cord can stretch up to 3 times it’s actual length. Bungy Jump

8: How do your Bungy Cords work?
A: A Bungy cord works on the principle of an exponential function. This means that with every bounce the stretch in the cord will lessen until only your weight on the cord is causing it to stretch. Your first bounce is always the biggest! Bungy Australia uses 4 different thickness of cords which are in direct relation to the jumpers weight. Each jumper is weighed on our scales and then allocated to the cord range that they fit. This gives each jumper a perfect jump which is smooth and the right height from the ground.

9: Do I need to book too jump?
A: No, but we would prefer you to do so. You can book by calling the Bungy Australia Crew on (07)55704833. You are more than welcome to show up without a booking, it just means that you may have to wait if someone has booked in before you.

10: How many people “chicken out”?
A: Not that many actually, but the key is to jump straight away. Our Jump Masters are trained for all situations and they will talk you through the whole thing.

11: Will I die?
A: No!!!! You will not die Bungy Jumping at Bungy Australia. Bungy Jumping is a sport that has been around for a long time, our staff are all well trained and all know what your in for. None of our staff would let you take the plunge if there was any reason you would get injured.

12: What can I wear Bungy Jumping?
A: That is totally up to you, you are not required to wear closed shoes. We would recommend not to jump in a skirt but other than that it’s your decision. We recommend that you remove all loose articles as we don’t want you to loose them in the water below.

13: How old do I need to be to Bungy Jump?
A: At Bungy Australia we do not have a minimum age requirement just a minimum weight of 40kg. We do ask however that the Jumper must be able to pay attention and listen to all instructions given by the Jump Master. If you are under the age of 18, you must have a parent or guardian with you on the day to sign your indemnity form.

14: How long does a jump take?
A: A jump time really depends on the jumper and how long it takes them to take the plunge. If they get up there and are ready to go straight away it can take around 20 minutes. Usually when you make a booking we will allocate a 30 minute time slot.