Bungy World Record

Bungy World Record – Bungy Australia – Jay Phoenix

On the 3rd of October 2013 at 6 am (AEST), adrenaline junkie Jay Phoenix with the Bungy Australia crew started his attempt to break the world record of most Bungy Jumps in 24 hours.


The previous record was of a South African bungee jumper, Kevin Scott Huntly. Kevin’s record was set in 2011 who dared to make 105 jumps at that time.


Jumping off a platform that is 40 metres in the air is something most people wouldn’t do once a day, let alone 105 times. But the crew at Bungy Australia were confident Jay could smash the previous record. 


Jay broke the record completing his 106 jump around 6.30pm with lots of time to spare, he then continued until 3.30 in the morning where he reached 150 jumps. 


We would just like to say a big congratulations to Jay, his Jump Master Rhys and all the crew! Thank you to all our sponsors and everyone for their support!