Bungy Prices

Bungy Jump Price List:

Regular Prices:

Bungy Jump: $149

Bungy Jump Club Price: $75*

DVD of your Jump: $30

Certificate: $15

Cord Sample: $15

T-Shirt: $30

*Please Note: To join the Bungy Club there is a $10.00 joining fee. Conditions to join are that you have already Bungy Jumped with us atleast once before. Please speak to the Bungy Crew for more details or call 0432864963.

You can also purchase gift vouchers

Conditions of Jumps:

→ You must be over 40kg
→ If you are under the age of 18 you must have a parent or guardian over the age of 18 with you.

People with the following conditions may not be able to jump:

→ High Blood Pressure
→ Heart Conditions
→ Neurological Disorders
→ Epilepsy
→ Previous Dislocations
→ Artificial Limbs
→ Asthma
→ Pregnancy